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Recent customer review of Saturn SD365 Inflatable Boat

I purchased the Saturn SD365 inflatable boat in May of 2015. Prior to owning this boat I had purchased an Intex mariner 4 but promptly returned it since I did not feel safe on it. When I made the switch to the SD365 I immediately felt a lot safer due to its design. The transom can handle much more power so the motor does not flex under the boat, nor does the boat seem to get as overwhelmed by waves.

The boat itself is very practical. I live in a townhouse with a garage but did not want my entire garage taken up by a trailer and boat. An inflatable boat seemed the best solution. In order to not have to use a trailer, I purchased a hitch and cargo rack from amazon (

I installed the hitch on my Honda Civic and placed the cargo carrier on the back. When the boat is deflated it fits perfectly on the cargo carrier. I use straps to tighten it down to the carrier when travelling. I place my outboard (2 Stroke 15hp Yamaha) motor in the trunk of the civic along with all the accessories. This combination saves me a lot of money. I do not have to pay extra tolls for a trailer axel. I also do not have to pay the extra cost of purchasing and registering a trailer. I also do not need a gas chugging truck.  As mentioned before, there is also the space savings.

The boat itself is a lot of fun on the water. People frequently approach me to ask me questions about it. One person even asked me facetiously if I kept this boat in the back of my civic, to which I replied, actually yes, I do in fact have a civic. He couldn’t believe it.

The boat is fairly easy to set up and take down. It takes about 30 minutes to set up between two people with the inflatable floor. This is with both people using electric pumps. Take down takes about half the time. My other recommendation to those who are looking to buy a Saturn SD365 is to get a good motor, at least 9.8hp or more. Any less power than that will probably not get the boat on a plane. I originally had a 3.5hp Tohatsu but became frustrated with how slow the boat would go. I also installed Maxi Lifters to get the boat on a plane quicker and have found them quite useful in this regard. I will probably set up some experiments to compare performance with and without the lifters at some point, but I definitely noticed a difference in the ease with which the boat would plane with the lifters installed. Also, the dinghy wheels are a must! Dinghy wheels make moving the boat to the car way easier. It is too much of a hassle otherwise.

As of right now I have had the boat for 8 months and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has enabled my wife, dog, and I to go on adventures with very low cost. I recommend it to anyone who needs to save on space and money but still wants to get out on the water.

People frequently approach me to ask me about the boat and are shocked to find out we can be out on the water for such a low cost and with nothing more than a Honda Civic for transportation.

Saturn Inflatable Boat SD365

Saturn Inflatable Boat SD365

Saturn Inflatable Boat SD365

Saturn Inflatable Boat SD365

Saturn Inflatable Boat SD365

Saturn Inflatable Boat SD365




New Outdoor Activity Sweeping South Florida: Umbrella Boarding

Miami, FL - If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is the latest outdoor activity taking place in Miami Florida.  Kids and adults alike are gearing up with their paddleboards and umbrellas of every shape and size and getting ready for a day of fun in the sun.

The enjoyable activity involves two vital pieces of equipment, one being a paddle board, the other being an umbrella. Lately people have even gone so far as to use surfboards, kayaks and other floatable devices. (See the video here)

There are two items that are needed to partake in umbrella boarding. The first piece of equipment needed is the actual paddleboard, commonly used are inflatable paddleboards that can be easily carried with the boarder. The second piece of equipment is an umbrella. Most people choose to use larger umbrellas, as they tend to capture more air for speed.

The only other thing required is the location found at any beach, canal, lake or bay and a windy day. With stronger winds you’re sure to be able to catch the most speed.

As the sport continues to change and evolve we are sure to see some exciting changes taking place including races, competitions and tricks.  Whether you are just looking for a good time or just want to try something new. Grab your paddleboard, grab an umbrella and come take part in one of the newest and most fun new water activity taking place in Miami.

SUP Umbrella Boarding - New Sport!

SUP Umbrella Boarding - New Sport!


Benefits of Inflatable Paddle Boards

At Boats To Go we are often asked what are the benefits of an inflatable paddle board. Well in short they both offer different benefits and problems.

Compact Size:

The first benefit of an inflatable paddle board over a solid plastic or fiber glass paddle board is the boards ability to


Light Weight:

The majority of inflatable paddle boards are lighter weight then their solid counterparts.

Durable Material:

Even though the most inflatable paddle boards are lighter in weight they are still incredibly strong. The material of the paddle boards needs to be durable to withstand the harsh waters and ruff rocks and sand. The last thing anyone wants is their board to sink.


Some of the best places to paddle board in Miami

Warm and sunny Miami is a great place to paddle board. With numerous locations and places for paddle boarders to enjoy the sport. We are going to let you know some of the best places in Miami to spend paddle boarding.

South Beach: Probably Miami's most popular beach, South Beach, FL is a great location to use your paddle boards. The waters are often filled with other swimmers, paddle boarders and surfers.


Haulover Beach: A popular beach for local Miami riders haulover beach offers a great place to enjoy the waters without all the crowds. As a quieter beach you are able to enjoy your paddle boarding without people interference.

Sunny Isles Beach: One of Miami's Nicest beaches is a great place to venture out for a ride. Sunny isles beaches are beautiful and aligned with Miamis modern highrise architecture and design. This is a great beach for any first time rider.

Key Biscayne: Key Biscayne is a beautiful natural beach found outside of downtown Miami. This beach is a beautiful place to paddle board if you enjoy the beauty of nature surrounded by the beautiful skyline of downtown Miami.

Although there are more beaches in Miami that you should be sure to try these are ones that we recommend. So get your board and your paddle and try ridding one or all of these beautiful Miami Beaches.


Inflatable Paddle Boards – Ideal Choice for Surfers

If you are a surfer, then paddle boards are something you would tend to know a lot about. Even if you have never surfed beofre, buying an inflatable paddle board should still be a good choice for you. These SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) are inflatable. You can carry them folded in your car or carry them with you as they take up very small storage space when deflated.


When you inflate these boards to maximum psi, you will get a robust, sturdy inflatable paddle board that has protective soft cover that will protect you from bruises and other injuries caused during surfing. They are also light in weight when inflated. You can carry them with a single hand, unlike the heavier fiber and glass paddle boards that are hard to carry and require larger storage space.

Though they are inflatable, these Saturn SUPs are not easily punctured and take rough and jerky sea waves. Even if you are paddling on rocky water of any rough sea, river, or ocean, these boards provide great stability. These can be used by beginners as well as pros. If you buy the popular eleven foot Saturn paddle board, you will find it is suitable for most all riders.

The best part about this paddle board is that, they have d-rings and you can attach a seat to your paddle board and enjoy ridding while sitting on your paddle board. The boards come with two years warranty and cost less the most other paddle boards. The Saturn brand of paddle board offers full money back guarantee as well.


The boatstogo brand for paddle boards is durable, long lasting, and sturdy. If you like water sports, then you will also like SUPs, and you can own an inflatable board that you can carry anywhere. Though an inflatable board has many advantages, one of the many disadvantages is that, they are not as fast as the glass or the fiber paddle boards.

These boards need high air pressure to work properly. Therefore, for this board to work at optimum levels you always have to inflate them to the maximum. Visit today and see are large selection of Saturn SUPs


Inflatable SUP Paddle Boards


A growing popular  ocean craze is a “SUP” or Stand Up Paddle boarding. It offers a  full body/core work but can also be used for a leisurely paddle as well. SUPs take a small amount of practice to but are relatively easy to learn.  Many people enjoy using their SUP as a upper body workout or daily exercise technique.



Most people teach themselves how to use a SUP, however almost every beach offers some form of instruction or instructors on how to use them correctly. If you want everyone in your party to have an enjoyable experience it is recommended that everyone is familiar with using a stand up paddle board. There are endless locations and places you can take your SUPs, the adventure is limitless.



There are many different sizes and shapes of stand up paddle boards. Most average size people will find almost any paddle board sufficient for their needs. Having your own SUP is often more desirable then renting, as you may find yourself more comfortable with your own equipment.


Inflatable Kayak is a Perfect Companion for an Adventurous Woman

Ever since I can remember, I have been an adventurous type of woman. From scuba diving, to team sports, to hiking, to biking, I love to explore new places. A few years ago, I went out of the country for a kayaking trip down a foreign river, and I just had a blast. I decided that I wanted to spend the next few years adventuring on rivers around the globe. But for this, I would need the perfect companion. No, that companion wasn't another person to travel with. Personally, I like to travel untethered, so having another person as my permanent travel companion can often get in the way. No, the companion I needed was the perfect kayak. I found that perfect companion in my Saturn RK396 Heavy-Duty Expedition Inflatable Kayak.

On my first few river adventures, I rented boats locally. This satisfied me okay, but I always felt like I wanted a boat I could call my own. One that I could get used to, which would allow me to feel right at home on my journeys. But the question was, is it just too much of a pain to bring a boat to these different spots in other countries? I thought the answer to that was yes until I stumbled across the wide selection of inflatable boats on These inflatable kayaks and other inflatable boats can be easily stored. But best of all, when they are deflated, they fit right into a handy carrying bag that you can travel on a plane with, and then easily re-inflated at the river’s edge. Just check it in like any other luggage, and your personal boat can travel with you to foreign lands!

As a single girl out on the water, another major concern of mine was durability. Was these inflatable boats I saw too good to be true? Were inflatable kayaks strong enough to handle the punishment that some of these foreign rivers might dish out without leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere? I carefully researched this, and found that my Saturn RK396 inflatable kayak is called “heavy duty” for a reason. That reason is that it’s built out of extremely thick 1100 DTEX PVC fabric that’s coated on both sides to make it strong against punctures and abrasions. Now that I know that, I can paddle out onto a multi-day excursion worry free.

As I was researching my inflatable kayak, I came across benefit after benefit. But all of these great features of the inflatable boats that BoatsToGo was offering wouldn’t matter much if the inflatable kayak I purchased didn’t perform at a high level when I was out paddling. I need maneuverability and versatility on my trips. Good thing my inflatable kayak provides me with both. The RK396 combines speed with stability to make it the perfect vessel for almost any river or stream. It is comfortable enough to take on long journeys, while also be versatile enough to explore smaller, thinner rivers. This makes the Saturn RK396 Heavy-Duty Expedition Inflatable Kayak the perfect companion for any adventurous person… woman or man.

Affordable Expedition Kayak from - Saturn RK396

Affordable Expedition Kayak from - Saturn RK396


My Family Loves Saturn Most Popular Inflatable Boat SD330!

My family consists of me, my lovely wife, and our two sons. We have always been a close knit family. We love spending time together, traveling together, and doing activities together. And when we do these activities, they are often of the outdoor variety. Whether it is hiking, biking, or playing sports, the togetherness we feel when we are enjoying nature together is one of a kind. But out of all our activities, our clear cut favorite is spending a day out on the water in our trusty 11' SD330 Saturn Inflatable Boat. The SD330 is the most popular inflatable boat in Saturn’s line, and after using it for a long time, my family knows just why. Here are some of those reasons:

1. It’s the perfect size for a family of 4. Saturn has a ton of inflatable boats. And when I was researching which one to buy for my family a few years ago, I went through all of them on and decided on the SD330. I have never regretted it for one second. This inflatable boat has a maximum seating capacity of 5 people, which makes fitting 4 people on it for a day out on the water very comfortable.

2. It is extremely durable. Obviously, I wanted an inflatable boat that would last a long time and would also be a safe vessel for my family to spend time on. Well, the SD330 is all that and more. Made of heavy-duty 1100 denier Korean VC fabric with polyester support, this inflatable boat is very resistant to breaking, tearing, and popping. To this day, we have still not had any issue with durability on our SD330.

3. It is sturdy. The Saturn SD330 has been specifically designed to be sturdy and strong out on the water. Once the high-pressure drop stich air deck floor is inflated, there is no difference from standing on your inflatable boat to standing on a plywood floor. But performance-wise, you still have the added advantage of maneuvering a light boat, which is something my son Michael always raves about.

4. It is convenient to move and store. Just like with most of the other Saturn inflatable boats carried by BoatsToGo, the SD330 is incredibly convenient when it comes to storing and travel. I can easily inflate it with the complimentary hand pump it comes with. Then, once we are done using it for the day, deflating it is a snap. After that, I just toss it in my trunk and we are on our way home. It can even be packed in a standard piece of luggage for a family vacation!

5. It is truly affordable. My wife and I do fine at work. However, we are not made of money. We really couldn’t afford a hard-hull boat with its up-front costs, storage costs, and repair and maintenance costs. For us, inflatable boats were a miracle. At just $899 on, the 11’ SD330 Saturn Inflatable Boat was truly affordable to us. It also doesn’t require things like storage expenses because we can just deflate it and store it in a closet or our garage.

All-in-all, I would highly recommend Saturn’s SD330 inflatable boat to anyone who will listen. It has brought my family closer together, which to me is priceless.

Saturn Inflatable Boat by


Whitewater Rafting with My Dad

When I was 15 years old, my dad took me on a father son trip. We rented a raft, scheduled a tour with some other families that we had never met, and set off on a weekend whitewater rafting journey. When we hit our first small rapids, we were hooked. Now, many years later, my dad and I try to go on at least 2-3 whitewater rafting trips with each other every single year. And each time, we enjoy ourselves just as much as we did on our first time out.

Obviously, my dad and I have become much better whitewater rafters than we were that first time out. We challenge bigger rapids, handle our boat better, and work better as a team. But those aren’t the only differences between our current trips and our first trip. The biggest difference is that we bought our own inflatable whitewater raft, the Saturn RD290 Commercial Grade Whitewater Mini Raft. Now we no longer have to rent boats and go out with tour groups. We are free to adventure on our own whenever we want and wherever we want.

When my dad and I first looked into buying our own inflatable raft, our number one priority was high-level performance. And in this category, the RD290 is at the top of the heap. It was designed with an extra high rocker that provides an exhilarating ride out on the rapids. This inflatable boat is lightweight, fast, and easy to maneuver, helping it outperform a lot of the heavier, bulkier inflatable rafts on the market. The 9.6’ size is perfect for squeezing through tight spaces or handling Class III+ rapids, while providing enough space for the two of us and our gear to fit comfortably. And as a bonus, this inflatable boat doubles perfectly as a fishing boat for those off days when we just want to relax and unwind out on the water.

The next on the list of our inflatable raft priorities was durability. And in this area, the RD290 is one of the best. The tubes on this inflatable raft are made of heavy-duty 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC that’s coated on both sides. That means the fabric this boat is made up of is very thick, making it extremely resistant to punctures, rips, and abrasions. Plus, the detachable floor make and replacements or repairs extremely easy and quick.

Another great benefit that the Saturn RD290 Commercial Grade Whitewater Mini Raft provides is portability. Believe it or not, this inflatable raft is easily deflated, fitting right into the trunk of your car. My dad and I love this since we can just pack up, toss our boat in the trunk, and be on our way in no time. Plus, when we want to go adventuring in another part of the country or overseas, we can pack our boat up and check it onto a plane like luggage. We have done this a bunch of times, and I can never get over just how easy it is to travel with our inflatable raft.

For more information about the RD290 inflatable whitewater raft and mny other top of the line inflatable boats, check out That’s where we bought our RD290, and the experience has been great.

Saturn 9.6' Inflatable River Raft RD290 on Class IV whitewater river.

Saturn 9.6' Inflatable River Raft RD290 on Class IV whitewater river.


How to Use an Inflatable SUP Paddle Board?

If you have ever given any thought to pursuing the hobby of stand up paddle boarding, you've probably heard about how great an option inflatable paddle boards are. They are easy to learn on, durable, and incredibly convenient. Add that to the fact that they are amazingly low-priced, especially during BoatsToGo's inflatable SUP sale, and they are a great buy for paddle boarders of all skill levels, including beginners. Here are a couple tips for those just getting started with their inflatable stand up paddle board.

Standing Up on Your Inflatable SUP

Proper position paddling stand up paddle board.

Proper position paddling stand up paddle board.

When you initially take up paddle boarding, your initial goal should be to figure out how to regularly stand up on your board in calm water. First, find the center of your board and kneel there, with your paddle perched across the deck of the board in front of you. From the kneeling position, rock back and forth a bit to get a good feel for the motion and balance of your inflatable paddle board in the water. Stabilize yourself by holding the sides of the board with your hands. Then, slowly bring your feet up under you, one at a time, until you are standing on the board, knees bent, and feet about shoulder width apart around the board’s center.

How to Paddle Correctly

The first thing you must learn about paddling is how to grip the paddle. Start with your weak hand on the top of the paddle. Then put your strong hand on the paddle shaft, with your palm facing in. Remember, the paddle itself goes into the water on the side of your strong hand. In order to get the most out of your energy, paddle with long strokes, then return the paddle to position in the front of your inflatable SUP by turning it flat so it has less resistance when cutting through the air. And make sure the paddle is angled away from you when you put it back into the water, which will result in longer and more powerful strokes. You will also want to alternate which side of the board you paddle on, otherwise it will be impossible to travel in a straight line.

Turning Your Stand Up Inflatable Paddle board

Now that you know how to paddle straight, it’s time to learn how to turn. In the beginning, you can make basic, wide turns by just paddling on one side of your inflatable SUP like was mentioned above. However, once you are more used to boarding, you can make much sharper turns with a somewhat more advanced move. You will first step to the back of the board and push down, lifting the nose of the board into the air. Then, you will take a couple short paddle strokes on one side of the board, and you will find yourself making a sharp turn.

There you have it. You now know how to stand up, paddle, and make turns on an inflatable paddle board. Once you get the hang of all this, you can start to work on more advanced paddle boarding, including using your board to catch waves. Also, you might wake to take a look at the inflatable SUP sale going on at BoatsToGo, which has paddle boards on sale for as low as $599.